Code of Practice for Complaints Handling Procedure

3T Power is committed to the highest level of customer service excellence. We will provide our customers with efficient and timely customer enquiry handling.

We strive to get it right for our customers. However, if you feel that we have not served you as well as you deserve, please make us aware so we can ensure that the issue is handled correctly and that it will not happen again.

If you have a complaint, we will ensure to:

Deal with your complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible
Find a solution to your complaint as fairly as possible
Apologise for any mistakes that are made
Give you a full explanation
Take appropriate actions to put things right
Award compensation in appropriate circumstances

We will do our best to help vulnerable customers to complain.

We will:

Provide services which will enable a customer who is blind or partially sighted to receive, by means that are readily accessible to such customers information about any bill or statement relating to the supply of electricity or any other services provided to the Customer

Make available facilities which will assist any customer whom is blind or partially sighted or deaf or hearing impaired and in possession of appropriate equipment, to enquire or complain about any bill or statement relating to the supply of electricity

Not de- energise, in in any month from October to March. the supply of Electricity if the customer at the premises is:

Of pensionable age
Disabled or chronically sick; and
Lives alone or only with other persons who are of pensionable, disabled or under the age of 18.

The Code of Practice on Complaints Handling procedure shall include arrangements for establishing and maintaining a register which:
Lists all of the Customers who are of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick and have asked to be included in the register;
and contains sufficient information about the age, disability, or chronic sickness of each Domestic Customer in order to identify their special needs or requirements
Informing on at least an annual basis, each of its customers of the existence of the register and how customers who are of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick can be included on it.
Providing, without charge to a customer included on the register, advice and information on the services that can be provided because of his age, disability of chronic sickness; and
Providing the information in the register to any relevant party licensed under the Electricity Order to distribute electricity in an appropriate form and at appropriate intervals.

How to make a Complaint

To allow us to deal with your complaint efficiently, you can contact us by either of the following options;

By Phone: The quickest way to resolve your query is to call us on 0333 600 8800 Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:30.

If you have a query outside of these hours you can leave us a voicemail and we will respond to you as quickly as we can.

You can also email us at:

If you choose to write to us, you can request for your complaint to be reviewed by our Customer Service Department. Please write to us at;

Customer Service Department
3T Power
1 Davies Road
Co Tyrone
BT78 4NH

Visit us online

How We Will Handle Your Complaint

We take every complaint seriously and work with our customers to try and reach a reasonable solution as promptly as we can. We will review your complaint and the history on your account. This will ensure the Customer Service representative has all the relevant information to resolve your query as efficiently as possible. We will acknowledge complaints within 5 working days and aim to resolve all complaints within 10 working days.

In some cases, issues may be beyond our immediate control and cannot be resolved there and then. We will firstly explain why it cannot be resolved right away and highlight how we propose to resolve it.

We will always:
Log all complaints with a customer reference number and assign a customer agent. Your details will remain private (We ensure we work within your rights under the Data Protection Act)
Make a written record of your complaint the day that it was received
Make a record of the identity and contact details of the relevant person making the complaint or on whose behalf the complaint is made
Record a summary of the complaint and any advice given or taken
Keep you informed of progress
Whether the complaint was resolved and if so the date it was resolved
Make a record of the complaint if it remains unresolved, if so we will record the date the consumer was advised it would be resolved, therefore they may pursue the complaint through the Consumer Council
Where applicable, we will suspend payment of the bill and all credit action until the issue is resolved
If you still remain dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint or feel that it has not been adequately dealt with, you can contact the Customer Service Department to deal with your query.

If the Customer Service agent dealing with your complaint is unable to resolve your query they will transfer you to the Customer Service Manager without further dispute.

If your issue remains unresolved, you can refer your complaint to the Managing Director for further review by using the contact details above.

If at any time you are unhappy with our response, you can contact the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland . This is a free and independent body which has the power to resolve customer disputes. Please note that your rights to proceed with any legal action are not affected should you request a referral to the Consumer Council and remain dissatisfied with the outcome.

Consumer Council for Northern Ireland


Floor 3, Seatem House
28-32 Alfred Street

Telephone:                             0800 121 6022

A copy of this document can be obtained free of charge upon customer request. Please contact us via telephone, e- mail or letter.

3T Power Customer Helpline: 0333 600 8800

Lines open Monday to Friday 09:00- 17:30

Response to Your Complaint

Most complaints or queries can be resolved over the phone immediately. However if we cannot resolve your complaint or query immediately, we will inform you how we propose to resolve it.

We aim to resolve all complaints within 10 working days. We will respond to your complaint or query by which ever method you contact us on; either written letter, email or over the phone.

We will compensate you if we fail to meet our obligations as set out in these Codes of practice. £50 will be applied to your account within 10 working days of agreeing that we failed to meet our commitments.

If a refund is due on your account following the resolution of your complaint, it will be issued within 45 working days from the issue was resolved. This will be issued to you by the same payment method used to pay your bills such as direct debit, card payment or cheque.

0333 600 8800

1 Davies Road, Tyrone, Newtownstewart BT78 4NH, UK

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