Code of Practice on the Payment of Bills

We promise to notify you at least 21 days in advance of any change to our tariffs.

Terms and Conditions of Supply

When you become a customer of 3T Power you agree to accept supply of, and pay for, the electricity supplied in accordance with our terms and conditions.
You can access our terms and conditions of electricity supply on our website at or contact us on 0333 600 8800 to obtain a copy.


3T Power will send you a monthly bill. If you wish to discuss alternative billing frequencies you can contact our customer service team on 0333 600 8800.
Your bills will show whether they are based on an actual read, an estimate or a read you sent us. On your bill (A) = Actual Meter Read, (E) = Estimated Meter Read and (C) = Customer Meter Read.
We will bill you for your energy usage at the rate agreed in your supply contract.

Your energy will be charged at this unit rate per kwh. If there is a price change during your billing period, you will be charged pre and post price change unit rates per kwh and your bill will show this.
We will let you know in advance of any price change and will publish the new prices clearly on our website.
Your bill will also show the period to which the bill relates, the date of issue, the date upon which your payments due and any outstanding balance.
Payments will be allocated against the oldest statement on your account.

We offer a range of payment methods and can advise you on the best payment option for you. We will ensure that advice is at hand should you experience payment difficulties.

You can contact us on 0333 600 8800 during office hours to discuss different ways to pay your electricity bill.

Our Tariffs
The tariff is the unit price of electricity to our customers and is measured in kWh (kilowatt hours).
We offer a range of options for credit and Direct Debit customers
Contact our Customer Service team on 0333 600 8800 – between us we can work out a suitable payment arrangement that will allow you to spread the cost of your bill which we will agree with you.

Payment Methods
We have a variety of payment options to meet your needs:
Direct Debit
Online banking
Pay by Debit/Credit card by calling us on 0333 600 8800
By cheque/bank draft payable to 3T Power, 1 Davies Road, Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone.

Payment Difficulties

3T Power are committed to proactively seeking to identify, engage and work with customers who are having difficulties paying bills.
We have formed relationships with advice giving organisations and charitable organisations which seek to help customers who are, or may be at risk of, having difficulty paying bills.
If you are worried about bills or money you owe us, please talk to us. We will take reasonable steps in our dealings with customers to identify those who are experiencing financial difficulties at an early stage.
We will ensure that all correspondence uses language that is non-threatening and supportive and all customer contact will be friendly and non-aggressive.

Together we can come to an arrangement that allows you to manage your bills.

In the event of disconnection in error by 3T Power we will use best efforts to reconnect you within 24 hours and we will not apply disconnection or reconnection charges.

If you are unhappy with the payment arrangement offered, you can contact the Consumer Council for Northern Ireland. If requested during a complaints investigation, 3T Power will provide to the Council evidence on the procedures we used for assessing ability to pay. If you require further information or support your local Citizens Advice Bureau or the Consumer Council may be able to assist you.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau
Citizen’s Advice Regional Office
46 Donegall Pass Belfast

Consumer Council
Floor 3, Seatem House
28-32 Alfred Street
Co Antrim

0333 600 8800

1 Davies Road, Tyrone, Newtownstewart BT78 4NH, UK

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