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Powering a greener, cleaner future for Northern Ireland business with 100% renewable energy.


Powering Northern Ireland businesses differently

3T Power is a Northern Irish renewable electricity provider committed to doing things differently from the big utility providers. 100% of our energy is generated in Northern Ireland, for Northern Ireland businesses. Using the wind, waves, sun and waste, we deliver sustainable renewable energy which benefits local business and local energy suppliers.

As your energy partner, we’ll work closely with you to help you navigate the renewable energy market so that you get an energy deal that’s good for you and good for our planet – we have the power to change.


Why 3T? Discover the benefits

We put all our energy into providing our customers with the cleanest, greenest energy and the most personal dedicated service.

Simple Tariffs

Our simple fixed and flex tariff plans ensure we can confidently offer budget friendly prices while producing environmentally friendly electricity.

Dedicated Account Manager

Say goodbye to waiting in call centre queues. Every 3T customer has a dedicated Account Manager who helps you get the most from your energy.

Full Traceability

How do you know that your electricity comes from a local, renewable source? We offer full traceability of our electricity supply, meaning you can rest assured that your company is supporting local green electricity generators.

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Power to the generators

Join our network of over 90 power generators across Northern Ireland. You can benefit from our fixed prices, and we’ll handle everything for you. We are more powerful together.


Latest News

3T Power partners with Royal Ulster Agricultural Society to support Northern Ireland’s rural economies and encourage continued greening of agri-businesses

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3T Power launches Instant Price Alerts to support local businesses in taking control of their energy bills

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