We are uniting generators to create a Northern Ireland-wide renewable network


Getting the most from your energy generation

As a 100% green energy supplier, we prize local generators who produce clean, green electricity to power our renewable future. We have aggregated generation from a wide range of established and emerging renewable technologies across Northern Ireland to create a strong and growing network spanning the province.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of the local market enables us to establish competitive and lucrative Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) which help us achieve our goal of bringing additional benefit to local generators and supporting local economies. A large network of generators are already benefiting from our PPAs. The joining process is simple, just contact us to get the most from energy generation.

Power Purchase Agreements: Export electricity

The electricity your generator exports onto the grid forms a vital component of your revenue stream. That’s why we believe in offering the very best value we can for this commodity. We can offer fixed rates over fixed periods of time to lock in value and give you assurance on your returns. Alternatively, if you prefer to receive the live market price, we can structure your PPA to bring this to you with the best tariffs possible.

Power Purchase Agreements: ROCs

Your ROCs are generally the most valuable component of your generator’s income, but unfortunately they can also experience volatility in price which can be difficult to predict. If you trade your ROCs with 3T Power we can take that volatility and worry away. Our fixed ROC value offer provides a high value and reliable income stream. Of course, we can structure your PPA to suit your particular and unique needs. But whatever way you may choose, we aim to deliver local generators the maximum benefit possible from their ROCs.

Are you a renewable electricity generator?

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of PPAs with 3T Power.