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We want to change the way businesses are powered across Northern Ireland and create a sustainable future for all.


Our journey to carbon neutral energy

We have been innovators in the renewable energy market since 2007 and received our supply license in 2017. We started with a desire to create a more personal relationship between businesses and their energy suppliers – creating an alternative to the larger utility companies.

Harnessing the power of renewable electricity generators dotted across the Northern Ireland landscape, we are helping to connect local businesses of varying sizes, industries and energy requirements with clean, green locally-generated electricity.

Drawing on our deep-rooted understanding of the renewables and energy markets and our personal relationships with local energy generators and businesses, the 3T Power team’s knowledge and experience within the local renewables landscape has positioned us to create a supply company which not only services the growing demand for renewable electricity, but also provides a personal conduit for businesses, connecting local generation with local consumption to deliver best value for generators and consumers.

Our Mission

Our dedication to our mission – combined with the value and environmental proposition we offer – has resulted in exponential growth in supply volume between April – November 2018, with the monthly supply volume then increasing steadily from Nov 2018 to March 2020 with an average of above 7000 MWh per month. This growth has made 3T Power the largest exclusively renewable electricity supplier in Northern Ireland.


Driving change for Northern Ireland

We anticipate continued steady growth as new legislation, a growing focus on corporate social responsibility, and rising consumer awareness of sustainability drive consumers to demand renewable electricity in greater volumes and seek out brands who are dedicated to preserving our environment and combatting climate change.

As Northern Ireland pushes to achieve Net Zero carbon by 2050, we are well-equipped to help local businesses meet their renewable obligations.

3T Directors

David McElrea, Director

David's previous experience with Si Energy included locating appropriate sites for wind installations, sourcing appropriate technologies, negotiating with land owners, managing installations and providing ongoing monitoring and maintenance services. His in-depth knowledge of wind energy has fuelled the growth of 3T Power. His deep understanding of Northern Ireland's rural landscape, his valued relationships with business owners, farmers and landowners across Northern Ireland, and his long-term role in Northern Ireland's renewables sector bring true value to the work we do to connect local businesses with generators dotted across our province.

Thomas Kelso, Director

From Sandholes in County Tyrone, Thomas’s deep-rooted farming background goes back to his childhood on the family farm. A beef cattle farmer as well as a renewable energy innovator for the past 12 years, Thomas understands the complexity of rural economies in Northern Ireland. His experience with renewables goes back to the first wind turbine he installed on his own farm, which has led to a number of innovation projects including driving forward a building programme to place turbines across Northern Ireland. An advocate for all renewables, Thomas believes an approach which embraces a wide range of technologies is the best route forward for Northern Ireland’s sustainable future. “Renewable Energy is the way forward,” Thomas says. “Fossil fuels are outdated and we cannot keep using them if we want to ensure a living planet in the future. Northern Ireland has truly shown what we can do in terms of innovation by hitting our 40% targets, but with a new goal of 70% in place, we have a way ahead of us to meet our next goals.”

Shauna Forbes, Director

Having attained a LLB Degree in Law from Trinity College Dublin, Shauna joined PWC Belfast to train as a Chartered Accountant. She qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2002 and shortly afterwards joined the LCC Group Cookstown.
Shauna spent 14 years with LCC where she held the role of Finance Director from 2011-2016 and was the driving force behind the successful launch into the Northern Ireland electricity market of Go Power Limited.
Shauna left LCC in 2016 and spent 12 months exploring renewables and trading strategies in the Irish electricity market. During this time she realised there was a niche in the market for an exclusively renewable supply company, a company that could harness the renewable generation from the many independent wind and biomass operators and sell via the grid to local businesses. Shauna attained the Supply Licence for 3T Power in 2017 and has been one of the main driving forces behind the company growth.

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