3T Power launches Instant Price Alerts to support local businesses in taking control of their energy bills

General | 1 March 2022

3T Power launches Instant Price Alerts to support local businesses in taking control of their energy bills

As the wholesale energy market around the world continues to be volatile, Northern Ireland green energy supplier for business 3T Power has shared a new feature available for their customers aimed to help local businesses keep their energy bills under control. 3T Power’s new Instant Price Alerts feature will allow customers to monitor the price of their electricity, identify spikes in rates, and make better-informed decisions to reduce the cost of their bills.

With prices going as low as -35p/kWh where it pays to use as much electric as a business requires, to highs of £4/kWh where it would benefit businesses to switch to a backup power source or make changes to operating schedules, 3T Power’s initiative has been designed to empower local businesses to make quick decisions about the best course of actions to reduce their energy bills, either by switching over to alternative sources, delaying a power-hungry production process, or simply being more aware of the spike for future budget planning.

Commenting on the new offering available to their customers Shauna Forbes, Director of 3T Power said, “Wholesale electricity prices have increased by over 300% in the past 18 months, leaving business customers weary of contracting to a fixed tariff at such elevated costs. Our flex tariff offers cost control in that businesses can decide when they want to buy power to manage market fluctuations. The Instant Price Alerts now make the flex tariff more financially sustainable for our customers.

“Over the past year we have stood side by side with customers who have dealt head-on with volatile electricity prices and understand the struggle for many businesses when it comes to juggling planning and curbing out costs with meeting sustainability objectives. This past summer saw a ‘perfect storm’ for the all-Ireland electricity grid due to major power stations being offline in the South of Ireland, a low-wind summer reducing the amount of electricity generated by turbines, and increasing global gas costs. Whilst 3T Power also felt the impact of these heightened costs, we understood the need to continue to support our clients as we weathered the storm together.”

With 99.9% of businesses in Northern Ireland being SMEs, the team at 3T Power have acknowledged how hard many local businesses have been hit by fluctuating costs and felt compelled to help. 3T Power’s bespoke price alert service can also allow customers to automate their electricity, by sending signals to connected devices, telling them when to turn off or on in order to minimise monthly electricity bills while never hampering business requirements.

“By developing this alert system we have helped our customers to take back some control in a challenging situation,” added Shauna. “The team at 3T Power monitors and records wholesale electricity prices in near real time and can send our clients instant price alerts via SMS or email when prices reach margins specific to their connection, ultimately allowing them to take action to reduce or curb energy bills.”

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