Exploring a greener future post Covid-19

General | 10 October 2020

Exploring a greener future post Covid-19

Following news that a climate bill is due to appear before the Northern Ireland Assembly and ongoing calls for the post-Covid recovery to be powered by green electricity, the team at 3T Power have welcomed any support by Government to facilitate an increase in renewable technologies and reductions in Northern Ireland’s overall carbon footprint by adopting its own climate change legislation.

As Northern Ireland’s only energy supply company dedicated to supplying business customers with electricity generated exclusively by locally-based renewable energy technologies including a network of wind turbines dotted across the province, 3T Power is regarded as having one of the greatest wind energy resources in Europe. The team of renewable energy innovators behind 3T Power feels it is important that this potential resource is maximised to contribute to an increase in the proportion of our energy derived from renewable sources.

Reacting to the new Climate Change Act for Northern Ireland and what it will mean for the economy and environment locally Shauna Forbes, Director, 3T Power said, “Northern Ireland is the only devolved administration up to this point which does not have its own climate change legislation and emissions targets in place. The Act will require the entire economy to switch away from fossil fuels, as well as developing technologies for carbon capture and energy storage locally. This will mean generating even more renewable energy, making the switch to electric vehicles earlier, making buildings more energy efficient, and cutting emissions from agriculture, aviation and transport.”

From an economical viewpoint, renewable energy is infinite and maintenance requirements are lower. Renewable energy also reduces our reliance on energy sources imported from overseas, and drives down the cost of energy which will reduce expenses for consumers and businesses, increasing disposable income that can be spent in other ways.

Indicating an inspiring beacon of how renewables can be put to best use, Shauna Forbes cites the example of how Iceland has embraced the power of renewable energy generation. “Iceland is the world’s leader in generating renewable energy, producing more green electricity per person than any other country on earth,” Shauna said.  “By embracing renewable energy, Iceland has contributed to its picture postcard clean landscapes and healthy environment and has become a great role model for us here in Northern Ireland where we, too, can utilise renewables to help preserve our landscape and do our part to combat climate change.”

In order to make the most of renewable technologies, Shauna indicates one area where development is essential – energy storage. “We need to develop technologies for energy storage. When we reach a point where we can store any excess renewable generation and release it when it’s needed, that’s when we will have really made steps forward.”

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