How renewable energy can benefit businesses and the environment in Northern Ireland

General | 1 June 2023

How renewable energy can benefit businesses and the environment in Northern Ireland

The Climate Change Act (Northern Ireland) 2022 includes provision for an in-line target for 2040 and a net 48% emissions reduction on the baseline by 2030. To continue the momentum on our journey to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, the need for businesses to begin using renewable energy is greater now than ever before. 

The 3T Power team have been innovators in the renewable energy sector within Northern Ireland since 2007, allowing us to gain extensive knowledge surrounding the benefits of renewable energy on local businesses and the environment. Our mission is to create a more personal relationship between businesses and their energy suppliers – creating an alternative to the larger utility companies, and reducing our country’s reliance on imported fossil fuels.  


Grow the green economy within Northern Ireland by partnering with rural power generators 

Northern Ireland has the potential to develop a leading reputation as an economy with an important energy decarbonisation technology cluster and a proven track record in innovation, delivering energy solutions to achieve local self-sufficiency. As a 100% green energy supplier, we prize local generators who produce clean, green electricity to power our renewable future. We have aggregated generation from a wide range of established and emerging renewable technologies across Northern Ireland to create a strong and growing network spanning the province. You’ve heard of ‘farm to fork’ for restaurants – we can help businesses trace the provenance of their electricity supply, not only ticking boxes to meet important ESG criteria, but going above and beyond to help you show your investment in supporting your local economy and independent business owners working within it. 


Using renewable energy will mean reduced carbon emissions  

With 85% of renewable energy in Northern Ireland coming from local wind turbine generation, wind has become one of the safest and cleanest methods for generating electricity. By using wind turbines as an alternative to burning fossil fuels, there will be a significant reduction in carbon emissions and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and our award-winning rural landscapes will be preserved for generations to come. 

Increasing the amount of locally produced renewable energy capacity is a critical step in Northern Ireland’s pathway to net zero and is a key part of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. It is also a fundamental part of meeting the Climate Change Act target of at least 80% electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2030.  


Improving your environmental credentials and strengthening your brand 

91.2% of businesses in Northern Ireland now regard climate change and sustainability as an important issue. As the need to become more sustainable is becoming more prevalent – not only to stay competitive in your industry, but also to continue to appeal to your savvy customers – switching to local renewable energy can prepare your business for future legislation by gaining preliminary knowledge and experience with renewable energy.  

The benefits of using renewable energy for your business and the surrounding environment are clear to see, with many businesses in Northern Ireland now beginning to integrate renewable energy into their day-to-day practices. If you are considering powering your business with renewable energy, contact us now. 

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