Weaving a Sustainable Future: How 3T Power Energises O’Neills Sportswear Eco-friendly Journey

General | 22 November 2023

Weaving a Sustainable Future: How 3T Power Energises O’Neills Sportswear Eco-friendly Journey

About O’Neills

3T Power is proud to power the journey of O’Neills Sportswear. O’Neills, founded in 1918, has established itself as a distinguished and respected manufacturer of sportswear in Ireland and beyond. Originally starting as a small-scale manufacturer of Gaelic footballs in Dublin, O’Neills has grown into a leading supplier of GAA jerseys, kits, and sportswear. Renowned for its deep roots in Irish sporting culture, O’Neills is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship, innovation, and a dedication to the sports community.

For generations, O’Neills has been more than just a brand; it’s a part of our local heritage.  At the core of this legacy are the skilled seamstresses, who transform simple yarn into iconic jerseys and sportswear.

Every O’Neills product tells a story of transformation. From spools of plain yarn, a vibrant journey begins These threads are woven, dyed, and stitched to create the infamous sports jerseys that proudly bear the O’Neills mark. This process, steeped in tradition, is also a testament to innovation, especially in how these garments are created with sustainability at their heart.

A Palette of Green: Sustainability in Every Thread

O’Neills’ commitment to the environment mirrors our own at 3T Power. They not only create with an eye for quality but also with a consciousness for the planet. Scraps and offcuts from jersey production find new life, ensuring minimal waste and maximal creativity. This cycle of recycling and repurposing is a crucial step in our shared journey towards a greener future.

Energised by Renewables: 3T Power’s Role

At 3T Power, we’re thrilled to be a part of this story. Our renewable energy solutions power O’Neills’ operations, ensuring that every stitch is infused with clean, green energy. This partnership is more than a business arrangement; it’s a shared vision for a sustainable future, where local businesses lead the way in environmental stewardship.

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