What makes 3T Power different from other renewable energy suppliers in Northern Ireland?

General | 19 July 2023

What makes 3T Power different from other renewable energy suppliers in Northern Ireland?

The renewable energy supply sector continues to grow due to the sustained increase in demand from businesses as they begin to use renewable energy to meet the targets set by the Climate Change Act.  

3T Power has over 15 years of industry experience having been innovators within the Northern Ireland renewable energy sector since 2007 and receiving our supply license in 2017. This means as a team we have extensive experience in helping businesses begin their renewable energy journeys. Our client portfolio ranges from hospitality & leisure businesses to large-scale manufacturing companies, with our aim to create a more personal relationship between businesses and their energy suppliers – creating an alternative to the larger utility companies.  

Here’s what makes 3T Power different from other renewable energy suppliers in Northern Ireland: 


The only supplier of 100% locally generated electricity in Northern Ireland 

As Northern Ireland’s only supplier of 100% locally generated electricity, we use wind, waves, sun and waste, to deliver renewable energy which benefits local businesses and local energy suppliers. By utilisng the power of renewable electricity generators dotted across the Northern Ireland landscape, we are helping to connect local businesses of varying sizes, industries and energy requirements with clean, green locally generated electricity. This means you know that your business’s renewable energy is coming from within Northern Ireland, therefore you are not susceptible to fluctuating international energy prices. We believe in a greener, more sustainable future and remain confident that this can be achieved by connecting generators across the country with local businesses. 


Extensive industry knowledge and experience  

Our team has a deep-rooted understanding of the renewable energy and agricultural sectors within Northern Ireland which has allowed us to provide our clients with the information they need to begin their green energy journey. Our company directors come from an agricultural background and long-term roles within the renewable energy industry which they bring to our close client relationships.  

Their rural upbringings have encouraged an appreciation for the complexity of rural economies in Northern Ireland. Our team’s knowledge and experience has therefore allowed us to create a supply company that not only services the growing demand for renewable electricity but also provides a personal conduit for businesses, delivering best value for generators and consumers.  


We provide a relationship-led approach  

We recognise the importance of conveying that as a 3T Power Generator or commercial electricity customer, you are not just a number. With personal connections at the heart of our business, we take a relationship-led approach with our clients and generators. This is why when you become a 3T Power Generator, you can forget about call centres and sitting in long call waiting queues. All our customers will receive a dedicated account manager, which means you can rest assured that there will always be someone to speak to regarding your queries. 


Join the green revolution today. Switch your business to 100% locally generated electricity, supplied by 3T Power.  

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