Why local generators should join 3T Power in the Green Revolution

General | 15 April 2021

Why local generators should join 3T Power in the Green Revolution

With the electricity sector continuing to embrace sustainable generation to meet their renewables targets, deciding which supply company to partner with can feel like taking shot in the dark. Working with independent renewable electricity generators across Northern Ireland, we have established 3T Power as the largest electricity company supplying 100% locally-generated, green electricity. We’re not choosing renewables to simply meet government targets, we’re choosing renewables because we appreciate and respect the transformative power of harnessing our local environment to support rural economies and preserve Northern Ireland for generations to come.

We’re confident that teaming up with the 3T Power team will not only result in a high return on investment for your turbines, but will also provide a one-stop solution for you, freeing you up to benefit from the power generated by your installations and letting us take care of the rest. Keep reading to find out how we are supporting local renewable generators through our relationship-focused approach to doing business.

In-dept Industry knowledge and experience

We pride ourselves on our deep-rooted understanding of the agricultural sector and Northern Ireland’s rural economies. Our Directors come from farming backgrounds and long-term roles in Northern Ireland’s renewables industry with years of experience which we bring to our client relationships.

Thomas Kelso – one of our Managing Directors, spent his childhood on his family farm and therefore garners an appreciation for the complexity of rural economies in Northern Ireland. His experience with renewables goes back to the first wind turbine that he installed on his own farm which led to numerous innovation projects including programmes rooted in driving forward turbine installation across Northern Ireland. Thomas’ knowledge partnered with David McElrea’s experience in land negotiation and valued relationships with business owners and farmers has allowed 3T Power to drive change across the renewable electricity market in Northern Ireland.

Our team’s knowledge and experience has therefore allowed us to create a supply company that not only services the growing demand for renewable electricity but also provides a personal conduit for businesses, delivering best value for generators and consumers.

Not just a number

We recognise the importance of conveying that as a 3T Power Generator or commercial electricity customer, you are not just a number. With personal connections at the heart of our business, we take a relationship-led approach with our clients and generators. This is why when you become a 3T Power Generator, you can forget about call centres and sitting in long call waiting queues. All of our customers will receive a dedicated account manager, which means you can rest assured that there will always be someone to speak to regarding your queries.

Committed to driving change

We are the largest, exclusively renewable electricity supplier in Northern Ireland due to our dedication towards driving change across industry. As the focus grows on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, we are well-equipped to help local businesses meet their renewable obligations through aggregated generation.

Over the last 14 years, we have brought together independent windfarms and emerging renewable technologies across Northern Ireland to create a growing network of generators who produce clean, green electricity to power our renewable future. We believe in a greener, more sustainable future and remain confident that this can be achieved by connecting generators across the country with local businesses.

Power in connection

We have been proud innovators in our industry since 2007.

We started off with a desire to establish personal connections between business local generators across Northern Ireland. Personal relationships remain at the heart of what we do as we continue to drive change across the renewable electricity industry. We are strong believers in change through connection and through this, we continue to power our greener future.


If you are interested in becoming a 3T Power Generator or would like to find out more about what we do, click here.

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