Why your business should switch to 100% locally-generated green electricity

General | 22 June 2023

Why your business should switch to 100% locally-generated green electricity

As the need for businesses to integrate sustainable practices into their daily operations grows, more and more companies across Northern Ireland are choosing to use renewable energy to power their business.  

3T Power is helping businesses join the green revolution and preserve the beauty of the Northern Ireland landscape whilst supporting local economies and helping business to achieve their sustainability goals.  

Here’s why your business should switch to renewable energy with 3T Power:  

Support the local economy by partnering with rural power generators 

By choosing 100% locally generated electricity to power your business, you are not only opting for a sustainable and affordable source of power, you are also promoting economic growth within the local area by supporting local jobs and income streams and diminishing fuel poverty. As the only supplier 100% locally generated electricity in Northern Ireland, partnering with 3T Power can also promote energy independence, drawing reliance away from the extremely volatile overseas oil and gas prices. 

Increasing the amount of locally produced renewable energy capacity is a critical step in Northern Ireland’s pathway to net zero and is a key part of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. It is also a fundamental part of meeting the Climate Change Act target of at least 80% electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2030.   

 Improve your brand by incorporating sustainability into your business  

Customers, businesses and stakeholders are increasingly placing an emphasis on changing their energy consumption habits in the hopes of achieving a sustainable future; by choosing locally generated electricity, businesses can have a huge impact in facilitating habitual energy consumption within the local economy. During a time when having as small of an impact on the environment as possible is important, you want to go above and beyond to exceed your target audience’s expectations. Making the choice to use renewable energy over traditional energy forms could be the difference between a client choosing your business or a competitor’s.  

 Prepare your business for the future 

As Northern Ireland pushes to achieve Net Zero carbon by 2050, 3T Power are well-equipped to help local businesses meet their renewable obligations. With future regulations expected to drive businesses to become more sustainable, by joining 3T Power you are getting ahead of the curve by powering your business with renewable energy.  


How your business can switch to 3T Power 

Step One- Talk to Us 

If you are considering strengthening your business’s green credentials and making the switch to 3T Power, contact us or give us a call on 0333 600 8800  

Step Two- Get an Offer 

Our sales team will provide you with a quote that reflects your business’s unique requirements and offers a selection of plans and tariff pricing options so you can find the solution that works best for you.  

Step Three- Select a Plan 

Select a plan that is tailored to making your business sustainable, and our team will manage everything for you.  


Don’t delay – join the green revolution today by switching your business to 100% locally-generated renewable electricity, supplied by 3T Power. 

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