Why your business should make the switch to local renewable energy sources

General | 11 January 2021

Why your business should make the switch to local renewable energy sources

As the UK inches closer to 2050, the country faces time pressure to achieve its objectives of reducing carbon emissions to net zero. To achieve this goal, it is encouraged that the UK adopts renewable sources of energy on a large scale. So why should your business choose to switch to renewable sources of energy?

Growing focus on ethical/sustainable practice:

With wind electricity being one of the safest and cleanest methods for generating electricity by providing no carbon emissions, further transitioning to wind by local business can help reduce the overall carbon footprint within the area, supporting the achievement of climate change initiatives in Northern Ireland. As Northern Ireland works towards reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, the focus on sustainability across the country continues to grow. Customers, businesses and stakeholders are increasingly placing an emphasis on changing their energy consumption habits in the hopes of achieving a sustainable future; by choosing locally generated electricity, businesses can have a huge impact in facilitating habitual energy consumption within the local economy.

Supporting the local economy by partnering with rural power generators:

By choosing 100% locally generated electricity to power your business, you are not only opting for a sustainable and affordable source of power, you are also promoting economic growth within the local area by supporting local jobs and income streams and diminishing fuel poverty. As the only supplier 100% locally generated electricity in Northern Ireland, partnering with 3T Power can also promote energy independence, drawing reliance away from overseas oil and gas prices with uncertainties regarding Brexit looming overhead.

Improving environmental credentials to promote sustainable practice within your brand:

27% of the population in Northern Ireland have shifted their focus towards engaging with brands that promote sustainability in order to reduce their carbon footprint and comply with climate change initiatives. By switching to 100% locally generated wind power, your business can improve its environmental credentials whilst appealing to a growing sustainably focused consumer base.

Preparing your business for the future:

As a sustainability focus infiltrates Northern Ireland, renewable energy is likely to become more widespread. By switching to local renewable energy, you can prepare your business for future legislation by gaining preliminary knowledge and experience with renewable energy.

It is clear to see the benefits for local business switching to renewable energy. Whether you are aiming to increase your organisation’s green credentials, lower your carbon footprint, or simply save on your electricity overheads, we recommend contacting a member of our team to discuss your unique energy requirements.

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